The Keystone architectural team designs distinctive residential, hotel, retail, office and hospitality destinations that make a clear statement about the future of how people live, work and relax.
Our design approach results in exceptional properties which capture the essence of their environment and create memorable guest experience unique to their culture and context.
Understanding the site, surrounding built environment, and responding with a design solution which is modern and functional, is the Keystone of the success of a project.
To that end, it is the goal of Keystone architects to understand the design principals, materials, scale, and form of the site and respond with an appropriate building. In this way, the architecture threats the visitor with respect and honesty, while raising the design bar to the community as a whole.
Equally, understanding the business goals of our clients is fundamental to the success of the project. We believe that an early “workshop” interface with the Key stakeholders can get the project off on the best foot and ultimately will lead to a financial, as well as experiential, success.
We suggest a series of workshop meetings throughout the project, not only to ensure each party is comfortable with the progress we make, and to take advantage of any opportunities which are discovered along the way.
Keystone architects work closely with the client team in realizing the brief and ensuring that the design fits the aims and goals set out. We do this by asking questions, listening to the client and advisors, and synthesizing that information into exciting design solutions which suite the needs of the owner.
These solutions will be clearly communicated to the client through the use of sketches, computer CAD drawings and layouts, computer and physical study models and artist renderings with the aim of allowing the client to make concise and informed decisions.
We do not have a predetermined ”style”, but prefer to evaluate the site, character of the context, and required functions to create visually elegant, technically robust and architecturally significant design.
We, at Keystone, have expertise in many areas – architectural design; technical project delivery; interior, furniture and landscaping design. We are committed to assembling a team of experienced professionals ideally suited to delivering high quality design worthy of the site and supporting the owner’s aspirations.
We deliver the project and add great value to the client’s capital investment

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